The Aim Of The Membership Program

Expand The Membership Of The Association To Achieve The Mission And Vision Of The Association.

Activating The Role Of Members To Achieve The Goals Of The Association And To Ensure The Continuity Of Programs And Services In The Best Possible Way.

Enhancing The Association's Income Resources With The Value Of The Annual Contribution From The Members.

Loss Of Membership

A Member Loses His Membership In The Association In One Of The Following Cases:


Withdrawal From The Association By Written Request.

If He Loses One Of The Conditions Of Membership.

If He Causes Damage To The Association, Whether Material Or Moral, The Assessment Of This Is Up To The Board Of Directors.

If He Is Late In Paying The Subscription For A Period Of Two Years From The Beginning Of The Association’s Financial Year, After Notifying Him By A Letter To The Address Registered With It, And With The Exception Of The Two Cases (First And Second), A Decision Of The Board Of Directors Shall Be Issued For The Loss Of Membership..

The Board Of Directors May Restore Membership To Those Who Lost It In The Event That He Pays The Amount Due From Him. It Is Not Permissible For A Member, His Heirs, Or A Person Who Has Lost His Membership To Recover The Contributions, Donations Or Gifts That Have Been Paid To The Association, Whether In Cash Or In Kind, And For Whatever Reasons..

General Membership Conditions

To Be A Saudi.

To Have Completed Eighteen Years Of Age.

To Be Fully Qualified Legally.

Not To Have Been Convicted Of A Crime Involving Moral Turpitude Or Dishonesty, Unless He Has Been Rehabilitated.

To Have Paid The Minimum Annual Subscription.

Membership Types

عضو منتسب (اشتراك سنوي 300 ريال) - لا يحق له الترشح لمجلس الإدارة ولا حضور الاجتماعات

عضو عادي (اشتراك سنوي 500ريال) - يتمتع بكامل الحقوق ومنها الترشح لمجلس الإدارة وحضور الاجتماعات

عضو داعم ( تبرعات مقيدة ب 100 الف ريال فما فوق ) - يحصل علي عدد أصوات يوازي مبلغ الدعم

للتواصل خارج أوقات العمل الرسمي